Marc Friedlander

Why is it that when you're searching for something (could be anything from love to a serial/USB adapter), you can't find it but you find all sorts of things you went crazy trying to find previously? You could not find them when you were searching for them before, but now that you need something else, these things turn up, and you don't need them at the moment. And when you DO need one of those in the future, you won't be able to find it, but you WILL come up with the serial/USB adapter, which by then you won't need. WHY???

Well, I figured out how to find something like that. This is a sure-fire method. All you have to do is buy a NEW serial/USB adapter (or whatever it is). When you get the new one you will find what you were looking for, in 1 minute (or 1 minute after you can no longer return the new one).