Little Buddy
by Marc Friedlander


Nut and Bolt

There was a grasshopper in the hallway outside my apartment. I first saw him a day or two ago. There was a dead one in the hall too.

I started fretting about him. There’s nothing in the hall for a grasshopper. Nothing to eat or drink. Nothing to do. Hour after hour.

I got a cup and a sheet of paper and captured him - very carefully as not to injure him. I brought him outside and put him on the bird bath. I figured he needed water - every living thing needs water. He crawled to the edge, lowered his head to the water, and drank, drank, drank.

I put my finger near him as if to pet him. He didn’t move - in fact he came closer - he wasn’t scared of me. Normally they spring away at any movement. Not my little buddy. He considered me his savior.

I’ve seen much more impressive bugs - bigger, more colorful, more intimidating - but there is no nicer and more appreciative bug than my little buddy. It’s hard to explain how closely bonded I felt to this insect, for a few minutes. He filled my heart.

He stayed on the bird bath for some time. When last I looked he was gone.

Farewell Little Buddy! Be a living grasshopper, out in this giant world. Better than drying up in my hallway.




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