Marc Friedlander – Sept 11, 2013

There are those that, by circumstance and/or choice, luck, or personality, find themselves in a position of leadership. Such people affect others by their decisions. Such people arrive at these decisions not by making perfect choices, but by selecting what they think is the best option available. Then everyone else gets to second guess the leader, and with no risk to themselves or anyone else, with no looming consequences or fear of failure, state why the leader choose poorly and what they would have done instead if THEY had the power.

This is fine, and how it should be, in a democracy. I can say I've been in both positions - as our Condo Board President for 3 terms, and as a non-governing citizen of the condo and our society.

Leading is far more difficult and stressful than critiquing. I can state that with absolute certainty.


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