Discord in the Subway

I made a fanciful (even for me) observation this evening, descending into the subway station at Rockefeller Center, taking NOTE of some of the disCORDant trains that stop there. You see, that subway station must B DIMINISHED because the B, the D, and the F trains all stop there. Now, if they could raise the F train tracks a bit, they could call it the F# (sharp) train. That would be a good idea because then that station would B MINOR. So much more pleasant than to B DIMINISHED. That station is so crowded with the masses at rush hour, twice a day you would have the MASS in B MINOR. Of course, they could also raise the D line a bit, and make it the D# train. Then, the Rockefeller Center station would B Major, and finally get the recognition it deserves.

One other thought - it would take some massive engineering and everyone would be inconvenienced for years, but if they diverted the E train from 8th Avenue over to Rockefeller Center, the station would B AUGMENTED, henceFORTH.

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