Original Compositions by Marc Friedlander

These works were all composed by me, using an orchestral synthesizer and a midi sequencer.  This work is not to be confused with music in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.  It is all registered with the Library of Congress, and I hold REAL COPYRIGHTS on all of it.  Enjoy it, download it, and listen to it.  Just don't try to rip it off*.


*rip off: verb.  Definition: to publish in any medium, sell, take any of the credit for, or otherwise attempt to cut the composer (me) of these works out of the picture.  I'd be happy to work with you if you wish to publish or perform this music.  I have fully arranged scores for all the parts.  To legally use this work, just email me at the link below.  I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg.  I WANT this work to be heard and played.  I just want to know about it, and to give my permission.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with midi, I have NOT played each of the instruments in "REAL TIME".  Rather, I have sequenced (programmed) my computer to play the music, by keying in each individual note, tweaking endlessly, and finally hitting the PLAY button and letting her rip, thus, arriving at what you will hear if you click on the links.


mp3 files:

Moderato from Orchestral Suite in F Major

Allegro 1 and 2 from Orchestral Suite in F Major

Winter Song for Piano

Winter Song for Small Wind Ensemble

Brass and Beer

Eleque Morte

Barber Shop Serenade

Sonata #3 for Harpsichord (loosly based on a theme by J. S. Bach)


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