New York City - August, 2008


I guess most people consider their home city the greatest city in the world.

And they are right.

If they happen to be New Yorkers!

Yeah yeah.  That's what the everyone else hates about us.  We're so damned proud of our city.

There IS a lot to be proud of.  On any given day you can see something amazing in any direction you happen to look.

These days were no exception.  

In the first set, we had just watched my brother get married (that's why the fancy duds) and were walking back to our car (I know how to find a parking space in Manhattan - took lots of practice but I got it down pat).

The first set were taken at Times Square - or, 


as it is called.  Nobody ever accused us of false modesty!

The second set is from the The Top of the Rock - or, the observation deck at Rockefeller Center.  We do go in for grandiose names - that's for sure.  But the view from there is grandiose indeed.  It happened to be a glorious summer day, making the experience that much more memorable.

The third set are from a recent bike ride home from work - I made it a bit longer as it was a beautiful day.  Over the 59th St Bridge into Manhattan, down 2nd Ave and Broadway, back over the Brooklyn Bridge, thru Prospect Park, and after much peddling, home again.

The last set are a few shots from my "spot" in Central Park, taken over the last few weeks.  You can actually almost see this spot from the Top of the Rock if you know where to look.  I would have been one of those miniscule specks that look like grains of sand if I weren't at the Bro's wedding that day.

Times Square
Top of the Rock
biking home - the long way
My "spot"

(alternately referred to as "the gold mine")

There are other performers that work the mine as well.  Suzanne - a friend I met there -  stands motionless and people think she's a statue.  When you put money in her bucket, she comes to life.  The kids adore her.

I come to life when you throw some money at me, too!