My Appearances

I WAS APPEARING at Saffron Restaurant in Howard Beach, Queens.

Wednesday evenings, from 7-9

Oh well, that gig is gone for now. They come and they go.


I also play around the Central Park area - at the foot paths and in the arches around the Upper East Side, and at the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Can't really give you a schedule - it's weather permitting, and I have to be lucky (and early) to get a good spot these days.

79th St entrance

At the 79th Street entrance of Central Park


Glade Arch

Glade Arch, bet 76th and 79th, East Side of Park



Greywacke Arch

Greywacke Arch, directly behind the Met, 82nd st East Side of Park



at the MET at the MET

At the steps of the MET, 82nd to 83rd Streets, 5th Avenue, NYC


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