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My memoir of my guitar playing career in Central Park, from 1990 thru 2016.

This was my life's calling.  My life's work.  This video stands as a personal record of this very meaningful, rewarding vocation.
Included are different eras of my life as a busker, with some of my favorite videos and pictures.
All who know me, know this was my true calling - week after week.
I went to play.
If you ever wondered what it was like, watch this video, my memoir.
This is what it was like.
Marc Friedlander


Sonata Pathetique - 2nd Movement Adagio Cantabile

The beautiful, slow movement from Beethoven's piano sonata, arranged by Francisco Tarrega.


Allemande and Courante - Cello Suite #3

J.S. Bach

This video is dedicated to the joint memories of Lillian Hochman, my beloved mother-in-law, who died on the day this video was made - May 19, 2013, and my beloved mother Doris Debel, who, in an amazing coincidence, died on this day 8 years ago, May 19, 2005.
Shortly after I shot this video, I got the call from my wife Robin that her mother Lilly, who's health had been failing for some time, had passed away. Both our moms are friends now, playing Mah-Jong and canasta, in the Great Beyond.

Aurora's Powder Rag


Stefan Grossman



Scarlatti on Steel No. 1

Sonata K178 (L162)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 2

Sonata K322 (L483)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 3

Sonata K391 (L79)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 4

Sonata K431 (L83)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 5

Sonata K11 (L352)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 6

Sonata K443 (L418)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 7

Sonata K380 (L23)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 8

- Sonata K208 (L238)


Scarlatti on Steel No. 9

Sonata K309 (L454)


Little Fugue in G minor, BWV 578 - J.S. Bach

The Back Story

Allegro from the Sonata in D Major

by Christian Scheidler

Homer Gets His Wings

a movie I made some years back, when I was into something a little off the beaten path (for a change)


a Philipino classic Kundiman


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