The Jewelry Sales and Manufacturing Program

I have developed a database program that I call JSMAN (pronounced Jasmine).  I am the SOLE developer and copyright owner of this software. The name stands for it's principal function: Jewelry Sales and Manufacturing.   It also has many other peripheral and support functions,   It is designed for use by a diamond company, but it can be fairly easily modified to accommodate almost any type of small business that rely on the three main functions of SALES, MANUFACTURING, and SHIPPING.

A brief run-down of it's many functions:

An ITEM MASTER screen (that defines the item being SOLD, MANUFACTURED, and or SHIPPED);

A customer database, containing the name and other customer information, a dollar account that can be applied to sales, and also every purchase that customer made;

A sales screen;

A supplier database;

A WORK-ORDER (manufacturing) database - this function will print a work order and keep a permanent record of the shop that the job went to, when it went out, what work was done, and when it came back from the shop;

A SHIP LOG that records WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and to WHOM an ITEM was shipped;

A RETURNS function;

A LIST of ALL JOBS that are currently OUT AT THE SHOP or FACTORY;

A LIST of ALL ACTIVE SALES (sold, but not yet shipped);

Reminders, such as a "tickler" that will remind and inform you of needed actions and HOT items.


The design of JSMAN ties all these functions together, and relates them ALL to a single ITEM.  So, if you had an ITEM such as a DIAMOND RING, the ITEM MASTER would define the item - in other words, the weight, quantity, and quality of the stones, the size of the ring, the material, your COST, your suppliers for that item.  It would track if a customer purchased it, their name, what you sold it for, a payment history, a complete ITEM history, which is an audit trail of every action, from the item's creation through its life-cycle.

It will also store and display photos of the item.

It will automatically create and print an APPRAISAL, which describes the item fully, in ordinary English, as though you had labored over it, and described the item verbally yourself.  To do this, it uses the data that has already been input, in the life-cycle of the item.

It keeps track of EVERY ASPECT of this ITEM.  If the item is returned, you can asses a RESTOCK FEE, and then add the refund to the customer's account, OR you can just issue a refund.

It links to any form in WORD or EXCEL, so you don't have to hunt for your LETTERHEAD,  or other forms you commonly use.  You just click a button, and the form comes up in its native application.


Bar-coding is not yet supported, but it is in development.

Many of the functions are USER DEFINED, meaning, to add a COMMON JOB INSTRUCTION, a SUPPLIER, or a MATERIAL (i.e. Platinum, or even KRYPTONITE) to selectable lists, it can be done with ease, with no need for programming. The user's own company logo, phone, and other information are easily dragged and dropped, or typed in entry fields, and will then display on the invoices, work orders, appraisals, etc.


Best of all, JSMAN runs on almost any ordinary PC.  All it needs is MS ACCESS 2003, or higher. It is MULTI-USER, and many stations may be running JSMAN at the same time on a local network.  An update by one user will be seen by other users on the system.  It can also be MODULAR - so that the SALES DEPARTMENT need only have access to the SALES FUNCTIONS, the SHIPPING DEPARTMENT the SHIPPING FUNCTIONS, etc.


The program incorporates some of the latest technologies - there is a WEB PUBLISHER that exports the products in various formats for uploading to a mySQL database - and will import data from eBay and a mySQL database.


Here are some screenshots:

The MAIN menu screen



Factory Order

Printed WORK ORDER, perfectly sized for attachment to job envelope

Printed Customer Invoice


Customer PAYMENT


Item Return

(it happens)

Export a list of all your products from JSMAN to your website!

Each can have a clickable photo that will take the user to a detail page of your item.



There are MANY other features, and many of them are user CUSTOMIZABLE for your particular APPLICATION!


For pricing and a demonstration, to see how JSMAN can go to work for YOUR company, E-mail Marc for more information

With minor modification, this software can be adapted to many other types of manufacturing and sales companies. Your company might be a producer of lamps or fishing rods. Please contact me, and I will adapt JSMAN to YOUR company model. You will not have to adapt your company model to JSMAN!